Invest. Improve. Empower.

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Custodians as much as investors, Alycidon creates brighter futures for businesses and the people that run them. We call our unique approach Responsible Capital™.

What we do

Alycidon offers more than capital. We invest, improve and empower our businesses. As responsible investors with the knowledge and experience to see what makes them tick, we identify the drivers of growth that will underpin shareholder value for years to come.

Our approach is fluid and open-minded. We’ve learnt enough to know that we are always learning and it’s often a new way of thinking that a business needs to monetise a smart idea or connect with the market that needs it.

Alycidon is one of the Midlands’ fastest growing businesses, according to the annual Growth 100 report published by leading industry journal, Insider magazine. To read more, please click here

How we do it

With entrepreneurial spirit and commercial rigour, we help businesses define and resolve the problems that are holding them back from the next phase of their growth.

We get closer to management, walk the shop floor and empower business teams to unlock potential and transform performance.

There is no quick fix or off-the-shelf solution. Our goal is to optimise the business to perform reliably and sustainably through time.

What makes us different

We believe that investments succeed when values align, roles are established and the vision is clear. It’s vital that we bring everyone in the business on this journey.

We see each investment as a privilege not a right. Our role is to create a lasting legacy from the transformation we bring about.

We think road map, not exit strategy. Ultimately, when the time is right, we will find the right buyer for a business, one that is better placed to help it to the next phase of its growth.


Alycidon is transforming the performance of these businesses.

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